Stewart J. Diamond, Esq., Attorney at Law
Social Security Disability Lawyer
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.A person can only work as hard as their body will allow them. And for some people, the wear and tear of everyday life can make it hard to support themselves.
Eventually, Social Security disability benefits might seem like the only option. But around 75 percent of claimants will not be granted disability after the administration’s initial review.
This is where disability lawyer Stewart J. Diamond, Esq., can help. Servicing clients in all five boroughs, with offices at 111 Livingston St. in Brooklyn and 76 Hancock St. in Staten Island, Diamond offers 10 years of experience specializing in appealing denials for both SSI and SSD disability benefits.
Diamond didn’t start his professional career as a disability lawyer. In fact, he came out of college and taught elementary school in Brooklyn for several years. After acquiring a law degree at Touro College campus on Long Island in 1994, Diamond would have to wait a few more years before his older brother, who had worked with the Social Security Administration, suggested he try defending those seeking disability benefits.
“He thought my personality would be conducive to that kind of law,” Diamond said. “If you are successful, you are helping people.”
Once initially denied by the program’s strict criteria, appealing disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can be a long and arduous process. In Queens, the borough with the most time-consuming appeals process, it could be more than a year before a case is heard and a decision is made.
For example, a construction worker who has a degenerative disc ailment, who can’t lift more than 10 pounds, might be told he could get a job working behind a desk — but he doesn’t qualify for Social Security disability benefits.
Enter Diamond, who approaches every prospective client with a personal touch. When someone calls his office, Diamond is the one who picks up the phone and conducts the initial interview. If he believes you have a case, he’ll be the one to greet you when you visit his offices. When he files the appeal and gets that court date, Diamond is there before the judge — with you.
Diamond reports a 90 percent victory rate for his cases. He also wants the Spanish speaking population to know “se habla Espanol.”
“This is what I specialize in,” Diamond said, “and what you’ll get here, unlike other places, is a personal approach.”
Call him at 718-422-1150 for assistance.

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5 of 5 stars
Feb 11, 2010
by Ana
Mr. Diamond is an amazing disability lawyer. He represented my boyfriend for a disability case. In my opinion he is one of the top lawyers serving in the Brooklyn area. Mr. Diamond will fight for your case to the fullest and he also guides his clients carefully throughout the appeal process for disability cases. Another wonderful aspect of Mr. Diamond is that he is bi-lingually talented in the Spanish and English languages. He makes his clients feel comfortable, confident, and is always available when you need him. I myself have recommended Mr. Diamond to another friend who became his client, and Mr. Diamond recently won a disability appeals case for my friend as well. You will not regret having Mr. Diamond represent you as your lawyer. I hope Mr. Diamond will be around more many years to come and that his practice strives triumphantly over the years. If there was a scientific possibility to clone Mr. Diamond, the legal world for clients would be a better place.---Ana Rodriguez 

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